Professor Monkey for-a Head

Game Manual Description

You’d be pretty mad too if you had a monkey sharing your head, or is the Professor sharing the monkey’s head? Whatever you do, don’t call him "Monkey Professor-For-A-Head" or he’ll get really steamed! This guy is totally bananas and he’s willing to destroy Jim to prove it.

Professor Monkey for a Head

Professor Monkey for-a Head is renowned throughout the galaxies under the Queens rule as the most advanced mad-scientist to be found. Like most of his peers he enjoys nothing more, than creating strange devices and performing very unorthodox experiments in the safety of his own laboratory.

In an attempt to increase his already over developed intelligence, he grafted a monkey to his head...unfortunately this did not increase his intelligence. When his evil plans go wrong he gets double the headaches - the monkey takes food from under his nose and pours the wrong chemicals into his concoctions...and he can never get the image of a certain yellow fruit out of his mind.

The professor spends nearly all his time working away in his enormous laboratory. This is where he thinks of his latest inventions and experiments with dangerous chemicals. The location of the professor's laboratory is a top secret one. The prospect of even finding his abode is unlikely let alone actually getting out there alive.

The laboratory is just as insane as the professor - it is chock full with defences, traps and forgotten experiments that are often lurking about. Enormous beyond comprehension, it exists as a metropolis of electrical conductors, twisted metal, wires, unnecessary tubes, tunnels and air shafts.

The professor is well suited to this complex environment. With the advantage of having a monkey attached to his head he...or rather they - can climb and swing about very easily. When under attack it's not unusual for him to retreat to some hidden place in this way. He is very cowardly, and prefers to leave the more dangerous situations to his diabolical creations.

The professor was the creator of the ultra high tech indestructible super space cyber suit of course. As the queen of Insecticas first hand mad-scientist...and the numerous death threats she gave him if he failed to co-operate; he was called to make her an "incredibly powerful secret war device". It was perhaps unfortunate that she gave him little idea of what she wanted. But nonetheless he came up with the goods, and the rest is history.