Game Manual Description

Jim was hunted by crows all his life, but never one with a gun!! Psy-Crow is determined to get that suit back for the Queen at any cost. Because of his persistence and his twisted crow mind, you’ll never know when he’s gonna turn up!!! If he gets his worm hook into you and pulls you out of the suit, Jim is as good as bass bait. Keep your eyes open and stay on guard!

Psy Crow

Psy-Crow the intergalactic bounty hunter is not bad at his job...anyone who's ever done this bird a wrong turn has not usually lived to regret it!

Being a bounty hunter, he looks out for no one but himself. If the price is high enough, he is more than happy to do his job regardless of the moral implications. Plus gets his kicks from having access to such a massive array of arsenal and being feared throughout all the Galaxies he roams.

No surprise then, that he is feared! He is violent, cunning and cruel natured. And he doesn't take baths very often.

This crow does not mess around. An advanced gun fighter, he's armed with almost every weapon he can get his feathered hands on. Equipped with numerous tracking devices and his own rocket backpack to get around quickly, he makes sure to be the early bird that catches the worm.

When for the first time in his profession he was fooled by an underling (a mere worm!) who took off with the precious cyber suit he was meant to deliver to Queen Slug for-a-Butt...his feathers were a little ruffled.

Psy-Crow is without a doubt, Earthworm Jim's most persistent nemesis. He's not only determined to get the suit back, he is also very much intent on destroying Jim. It's his only job where the bill doesn't come into question.