Shiny Entertainment

Shiny Entertainment In 1993 David Perry formed Shiny Entertainment. It was named after Shiny Happy People (R.E.M). The logo was that of an orb - dark at first, which would light up.

From 1994 to 2005 Shiny developed Earthworm Jim 1 and 2, MDK, Wild Nine, RC Stunt Copter, Messiah, Sacrifice, Enter the Matrix, and The Path of Neo.

Shiny was originally based in California along Laguna Beach. They had earned a reputation for creating video games of a high calibre. They created some extremely inspired, artistic and original titles.

The original development team members from Earthworm Jim and MDK left the studio to form their own development houses. Doug TenNapel, Edward Schofield, Mike Dietz, Mark Lorenzen, Eric Ciccone and Steve Crow formed The Neverhood. Nick Bruty formed Planet Moon Studios.

After Earthworm Jim and MDK, the games Shiny developed as a studio became darker and were targeted towards an older audience. The studio switched focus to film based games and developed two Matrix video games with involvement from The Wachowski Brothers. The games expanded on the films, by focusing on adventures of the characters Captain Niobe and Neo.

David Perry left Shiny in 2006 when it went on the market by Atari.

Perry's departure from Shiny Entertainment allowed him to explore and develop other projects. He is an Executive Video Game Industry Consultant, speaks at video game conferences and teaches video game development.

In 2008 Shiny Entertainment ceased to exist. It was quickly sold off and bought by a development studio called Foundation 9 who merged it with another studio called The Collective to form Double Helix Games.