Earthworm Jim Cartoon TV Show Theme Tune

The Earthworm Jim theme tune was written, orchestrated and conducted by William Anderson - he even sung the lyrics himself in the TV show introduction. There is more information on his IMDB profile about the other work he has done in the animation, film, theatre and video games.

Sing Along

Earthworm Jim!
Through soil he did crawl,
Earthworm Jim!
A supersuit did fall!
Jim was just a dirt-eating, chewy link of worm flesh,
but all that came to a crashing end, ha ha ha! Ahhh!
Earthworm Jim!
He's such a groovy guy,
Earthworm Jim!
He rockets through the sky!

Cruisin' through the universe, having lots of fun,
here comes Earthworm Jim you know that he's the mighty one!
Look out!

~ Brief whistling interlude where Jim swallows a butterfly ~

Despite his great big muscles and his really big ray-gun,
Jim is just an earthworm but then he's the only one
with a supersuit to make him really super-strong!
Jim can be a winner if we only sing along!


Earthworm Jim!
We think he's mighty fine!
Earthworm Jim!
A hero for all time!
Earthworm, Earthworm, Earthworm, Earthworm Jim!
Hooray for hiiiiiiiim!!